Find Volunteers

Locating prospective volunteers in Votebuilder

A good starting point for finding volunteers in Votebuilder is to take a look at some of the Activist Codes stored in the VAN identifying previous volunteers. While volunteers during a given campaign cycle are not necessarily shared between committees or campaigns, we do collect this information post election and store them in a set of activist codes - shared to all users in the van.

These particular codes are stored by year they volunteered and by level of activity that had recorded for that voter. For the most part we separated those we knew had participated in at least one recorded activity in the Van. The best volunteer prospects are those who participated in more than one recorded activity. Scheduled Only means we have no record of the volunteer completing a shift.


Volunteer 19Active_OneTime
Volunteer 19Active_2plusTime
Volunteer 19Active_5plus
Volunteer 19Scheduled_Only

Volunteer 18Active_OneTime
Volunteer 18Active_2plusTime
Volunteer 18Active_5plus
Volunteer 18Active_Scheduled

Volunteer 17Active_OneTime
Volunteer 17Active_2plusTime
Volunteer 17Active_5plus

Volunteer 16Active_OneTime
Volunteer 16Active_2plusTime
Volunteer 16Active_5plus

Volunteer 15Active_OneTime
Volunteer 15Active_2plusTime
Volunteer 15Active_5plus

Volunteer 14Active_OneTime
Volunteer 14Active_2plusTime
Volunteer 14Active_5plus

Volunteer 13Active_OneTime
Volunteer 13Active_2plusTime
Volunteer 13Active_5plus

Volunteer 12Active_5plus
Volunteer 12Active_OneTime
Volunteer 12Active_2plusTime