2-Factor Requirement

For security reasons, all VoteBuilder users MUST have an ActionID profile AND Two-Factor Authentication enabled.

You have an ActionID username (email) and password you use to get in to all your VoteBuilder/NGP accounts. You also have a VoteBuilder account and password (something like tsmith.dpva) that is linked to your ActionID but is probably campaign or committee specific. This password may not be the same. To get back in, we may have to do a one time reset of that link so you can go in and enable Two-Factor.

The most secure option is a 2FA desktop app, but many people use text messages.

If you are getting this error:

1. Go to accounts.ngpvan.com to edit your ActionID profile.

2. Click EDIT PROFILE (not password change)

3. Make sure the phone number is correct. This must be a phone that can receive text messages. (If you don’t have access to text messages, check out VAN’s FAQ page and Authenticator Apps they recommend and our step-by-step guide.)

4. Change Two-Factor Authentication to ON.

5. BEFORE SAVING, CLICK VIEW BACKUP CODES. Save these somewhere safe (NOT your email) or print them out. This is how you will get back in if you get locked out.

6. It’s easiest to click Set Up With Phone Number, as long as the phone number can receive texts.

7. You’ll get a text with the code to enter next.

8. The last step is to Enable Two-Factor and REMEMBER YOUR PERSONAL DEVICE. If you are on a shared computer, do not click Remember. If you are on your own computer or phone, clicking Remember will mean you do not have to get a code texted to you each time you log in.

9. Once your profile has Two-Factor Authentication ON, you can go back to votebuilder.com and log in using your ActionID.

There you go!

If you need to reconnect your accounts, you may see this screen:

(Your VoteBuilder password may not be the same as your ActionID password.

Clicking Log In & Connect will bring you to this screen:

If you’ve forgotten your VoteBuilder account password, you can have it reset. Email your campaign or local VAN Admin for a password reset.