County Van Administrators

County Administration 2019

This page is for Local Committee Van Administrators. Each committee may designate someone to be a local Van administrator to provide local support and training in accordance with the State Party policies and under the supervision of the state party Votebuilder administrator.

Local Committee Use (Guidelines)

Local committees may have up to 5 Votebuilder accounts once their van dues have been paid. They may have additional accounts if they have designated a local administrator to setup, support and train local users.

Local committees can use their Votebuilder accounts for producing walk-lists, call-lists, virtual phone banks as well as maintaining their own membership and volunteer and e-mail lists in MyCampaign. Each committee is set up with its own My Campaign data base - which is maintained and accessible only to their committee users.

One important point, however, is that local candidates must have their own Votebuilder account. The local committee accounts are not to be used by campaigns or candidates. The Local committee accounts are to be used only on local committee sponsored and paid for activities. A campaign or local candidate for example can't use his local committee account to run his/her walk-list for their campaign instead of getting his own candidate account. The committees can support their candidates and use Votebuilder for committee sponsored phone banks or canvasses once the campaigns have their own account. When up and running - there are ways to share Surveys, Scripts and other campaign activities with the committee and vice-verse to help coordinate these activities.

Local Committee Administrators

Local Committee Administrators will have a higher-level profile. This profile will enable them to 1) create and maintain users, 2) Answer support questions through the system, 3) Create Local Survey Questions / Activist Codes 4) Access & setup Robo and other "Pay" phone services

Local Committee Administrators will have access to the State Votebuilder Administrator's portal for local admin information and training materials.